Genealogy is the most personal form of history and the gateway to a greater interest. The past takes on new significance when you find your personal connections. What did daddy do in the war? Why did great grandpa leave his mountain home for the city? How did a widowed mother manage to raise ten kids during the Great Depression? How did your family adjust to losing their land and having to make new lives in strange a place for the creation of a TVA lake? Was your family Union, Confederate, or divided? Is your family generations old in East Tennessee or newcomers, and what were the forces that brought them here?

When you learn about your ancestors, you also learn about yourself and the many ways in which the tapestry of their lives and experiences are a part of you. 

Finding Your Personal Past:
You will find a variety of resources at the East Tennessee History Center to help you learn more about your family or to advance your research. You can participate in genealogy classes for all levels of experience and topics, take advantage of a premier research library, a genealogy magazine, and find information on events and research facilities across the region. 

Get a list of classes here. And for additional research tools, visit the McClung Collection website.